things you should know

Before getting involved with Trinity Family, in whatever capacity, there are some things you should know. This ministry is built upon a desire to faithfully love as we have been loved by Christ. This means that we have a deep commitment to develop long-lasting, faithful, gospel-centered relationships. This philosophy works itself out in many ways. Similarly, it DOESN'T work itself out in many ways.

First, we are not a charity. While it is good to give gifts to others, we do not feel particularly called to be a means by which people give material gifts to those in need in our community. We rather encourage people to get involved more relationally than charitably. In relationships there is mutual transformation. In meaninful relationships, both parties are both giver and receiver. We make strong efforts to disuade relationships where one person is the charitable giver, while those in our community are the recipients of such charity. 

A simple way of putting this is that we feel called to advance the Kingdom with those in Trinity Gardens, not for those in Trinity Gardens.

Second, we are more of a marathon-type of ministry than a sprint-type of ministry. Our desire is to be a steady-paced, faithful presence in our neighborhood for the long run. Too often helpful things are just flashes in the pan - here to help one day, then gone the next. If you would like to get involved, please keep this in mind. Come and be with the Trinity Gardens community and prayerfully see what happens. 

A simple way of putting this is that it is better to start small and end bigger, than to start big and end up smaller.

Third, because of the financial hardships people face in the neighborhood, Trinity Family is funded in large part by the long-term committed giving of individuals, families, churches and businesses. We are so grateful for both the one-time and ongoing sacrifices that are made so that we may do what the Lord has called us to. 

Fourth, your regular prayers are probably the greatest thing you can give to Trinity Family. If you would like to be involved with our prayer team, please contact us and we will send you a prayer list and regular updates.

Finally, while we are very strategic, intentional, and driven, we are also very dependent upon the Lord - for his direction, providence, and presence with us. This is a difficult but rewarding ministry. We mess up a lot. There are many things we do not know, and are prayerfully awaiting the Lord's direction and provision.

This being said, if you express an intention to be invovled, please be patient with us as we prayerfully partner to see how the Lord would have us serve together.

Again, thank you so much for your interest in Trinity Family. These "things you should know" are for the mutual encouragement, edification and protection of everyone invovled. They are another effort for us to love well, and to best direct people how to advance the Kingdom of God in Trinity Gardens.