The mission of the Trinity Family CDC Youth Leadership Program is to bridge gaps in the community that currently negatively impact children and youth. The Youth Enrichment Program develops relationships with children and youth to mentor them and help them to stay the course for life success. Children are admitted to the Program as young as 11 years of age and are encouraged to remain in the Program in some capacity until graduation from high school.


Trinity Family CDC’s Youth Leadership Program works to enrich the lives of children, youth, and young adults through education, training and mentoring in an effort to improve quality of life in the present and help to ensure long-term academic and life success.


The Deep Rootz After school program, provides tutoring for Deep Rootz members after school.  The students are picked up from the community school and brought to the center for tutoring, homework assistance, and mentoring to prepare these students for academic and life success. We currently provided these services monday thru wednesday, and we hope to be able to add an additional day in the near future.

After School Program

Summer Program

The Summer Program is a five week Program that runs three days weekly through the summer months. The Program is designed to serve no more than 30 children at this time. Children are pre-screened to ensure those admitted to the program can benefit from the summer enrichment time. Transportation is provided to ensure that the Program is accessible for each child who is admitted. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day as well to ensure that children receive nutritious meals while their parents work.

Activities provided through the Summer Program include:

  • Education and Tutoring designed to ensure that participating students retain the knowledge and skills learned during the previous school year. This training is provided by certifiy Mobile County Public School Teachers.

Trinity Family CDC Youth Leadership Program Mission, Vision, and Programs:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Recreation
  • Job and Entrepreneurial Presentations and Training Provided by Community Citizens
  • Character Building
  • Community Field Trips and Community Service Projects

Youth Leadership Training

Community Engagement

The Youth Leadership Training & Community Engagement Program serves youth from 8th through 12th grades. The purpose of this program is to engage these young adults in community service and teach them how to be effective community leaders.

Youth in this Program Participate in the Following Activities:

  • Community Engagement/Service
  • Goal Setting and Effective Conflict Resolution Training
  • Character Building
  • Arts
  • Job and Entrepreneurial Training
  • Mentoring
  • College Tours

Some of the youth in this program also assist with After school program activities.

The goal of the Leadership Training Program is to develop relationships with the youth and maintain those relationships through high school.  A secondary goal is to help provide guidance for after high school .